Maderas Soto 

Maderas Soto

The creation of Maderas Soto dates back to the late forties with D.Enrique Soto Pérez working on wood felling and extraction from Galician woodlands, as well as wood-sawing with traditional methods. In the fifties he found a small factory in his birthplace, Toén.


A decade later, with family support, he starts a sawing factory in Ourense and is one of the province´s pioneers in second transformation of national wood, wainscots and floorboards.


In the seventies, the production plant is moved to allow for extended facilities and considerable technological advances.

Maderas Soto was born in 1983 with on area of cover 12.000m2 for its activities and the start of the second transformation of imported woods.


The nineties witness progressive technological change whit direct imports of raw material and exports of it products.


Maderas Soto will rise to the challenges of the new century from solid foundations of quality, constant technological innovation and continuous training of its technicians and managers.


Camino Dentagrón, 11 (Ctra. Madrid N-525, Km 235,2),

32005, Ourense, (Spain)

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